Run Fatty Run

This fun little project has been made by the great guys at Disparity Games , who utilized our services to enhance their game with our custom tailored graphic systems. The goal was to break new ground on IOS. The final result  runs at 30+ fps on Ipod, Iphone4, Iphone4s and Ipad3.

The systems we implemented are:
  • Bloom ( With intensity and cut-off levels)
  • Depth of field ( With near and far blur, auto focus and aperture control)
  • Motion blurred motion trails
  • Real-time reflections
  • Image-based lighting on all dynamic objects

We provided the following services and technology:

  • Custom shaders for all elements including GUI
  • Custom camera management and texture scripts
  • Custom post effects systems
  • Profiling and optimizing services

Name:  Bert

Position:  Main Videogame Character
Age:  Depressingly middle-aged
Hobbies: Watching sport, Snacking, Sitting down
Super Powers: None… for now.

For more information about Run Fatty Run follow this link to Disparity Games

Above is a side by side comparison of our post effects, featuring bloom and depth of field.