Hard Surface Shader package

The Hard Surface Shader pack has been designed to reproduce the surface and lighting qualities of hard surfaces, including reflections, refractions, specular highlights, light transfer and more. Perfect for special effects and presentation pieces .

Technical information

The HS Shaders conform to Unity's Surface Shader standards to ensure  compatibility with a wide range of projects. They are unique in that they utilize a screen space technique for reflections that is exceptionally efficient when compared to re-rendering a scene to Cube-Maps. 




Advantages over Unitys standard shaders:

  • Maintains a normalized light total. White materials maintain light levels even when highly reflective.
  • Efficient screen space reflection technique
  • Fresnel reflection
  • Metallic reflections
  • Light transfer
  • Edge opacity
  • Chromatic aberration
  • Refraction with density slider
  • Zprimed transparency ordering ( forces only the draw of  faces that are of the greatest and least Z values )

Hard Surface shaders are available on the Unity Asset Store.