A little about us

Photon workshop is located in the upper Derwent valley in the south of Tasmania. With picturesque views and abundant wildlife, there couldn't be a better place to practice the "Digital Cottage" lifestyle.


Photon Workshop is the independent start-up of Bruno Rime, a professional involved in the games industry for over twelve years. Bruno's career has seen him involved in a diverse projects in a variety of roles, ranging from basic asset creation to art director and more recently as a studio-wide technical artist assisting both engine and project teams.

His portfolio includes over ten shipped titles, including franchises such as Spyro the dragon, Star Wars the Clone Wars / Star Wars The Force Unleashed, Hellboy and  Ty the Tasmanian Tiger. Several of these titles have gone platinum or have achieved over a million units in sales.

Platforms professionally developed for include: Playstation 1-3 , Xbox & Xbox 360, Dreamcast, PC 166mmx to current, Nintendo Gamecube to Wii and various hand helds, Apple IOS arm 7 devices.